Single Occupancy with Breakfast and Services: 3000,-

Double Occupancy with Breakfast and Services: 4000,-

Suite with Breakfast and Services: 4500,-


Lunch and Dinner can be booked extra at 4tables café & gallery.

The 4tables project is committed to bringing responsible tourism to this remote area by offering an alternative style of tourism which aims at creating interaction with the surrounding, i.e the village as well as the pristine Himalayan area to the north. Whether you book one of our rooms or a package, what we want is for you to not just think of the 4rooms hotel as an all-in-one, all-under-one-roof hotel but as a base for further activities.


Our well-appointed rustic rooms have comfortable bathrooms, terraces, a garden, wifi, tea-and-coffee making facility etc. to make you feel at home. The 4tables restaurant is just down the road and offers delicious fusion cuisine, plus there is also Anil’s Tea Shop just next door for a quick Omelet and Chai. Our occasional cultural activities such as movie screenings, concerts, art happenings are, of course, open to all.


Activities around the village and beyond include:

--walks through the village and interaction with villagers.

--walk beyond the village to the pristine river.

--walk uphill to China Pass and beyond to Barot Valley.

--multi-day treks to the Himalayan interiors such as Bara Bhangal.



--tours of ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries.


Our travel desk, by the way, can help you to organize your travels beyond Gunehar. Frank’s long expertise in the field of hospitality and his experience as world-traveller is yours to tap on to if you so wish.



Main Road

Gunehar, Kangra District,

Himachal Pradesh 176077,India

+91 97 36580963

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