The house was build 70 years ago in traditional style and occupies a prominent position right in the middle of the village. The owners were local Thakurs but since the death of the original owner, the house had fallen in disarray, finally also catching fire, which destroyed most of it.


Since in these modern times of easy accessibility to cement and low-quality bricks it has become ‘trendy’ to remodel or simply dismantle traditional houses, the foremost challenge was to preserve the originality of the house. The thought is that by doing so, traditional building materials like mud and stone as well as traditional building knowledge can be brought back to the mainstream. In the years after the inaguration of the 4Rooms, mud-house building has become quite trendy all around Kangra Valley, at least in the hospitality sector. This, for us, is a matter of gratification!


After a year-long renovation, the 4Rooms opened in April, 2014. Numerous local artisans who had practically forgotten the original techniques have revived their memories and worked hard to reinstate the house to its original beauty.


Today, the villagers are proud of this achievement and keen to welcome guests to this remote village. We hope that by visiting us and spending some time here, you will help to prove that making the effort to preserve and recreate old traditional houses can not only be gratifying, but also economically viable.

Gunehar Village

Kangra Valley, HP 176077


+91 97 36580963