Just a 100 meter walk from the 4rooms hotel, 4tables cafe & gallery offers you delicious international fusion cuisine in a peaceful, laid back and homey atmosphere overlooking the fertile Gunehar-Bir Valley.

Now in its 6th year of existence, 4tables Cafe has become somewhat of a secret destination for food lovers. As part of the 4tables project, numerous cultural activities such as movie screenings, jazz concerts, art happenings etc. are regularly organized in the premises of the 4tables cafe & gallery as well as in the village.


The restaurant building also houses a gallery of arts which has a collection of contemporary and conceptual artwork by different Indian and international artists who participated in the first biannual arts exhibition ShopArt/ArtShop.


Please look out for announcements regarding our cultural activities, preferably through our Facebook site, by following the link given at the bottom of this page.


Since we are in a remote location, it is advised to make reservations so that we can serve you to our fullest capacity. Please call +91 9736580963 for reservations.


Gunehar Village

Kangra Valley, HP 176077


+91 97 36580963